Corporate Social Responsibility

The Blue Mansion Hotel aspires to attempt Corporate Social Responsibility. We take responsibility for the effects of our employees, the environment and our business.

Conscious choices are made, and we try to find a balance between people, planet and profit. It’s about the process, not about the destination. We are continuously trying to optimize practicable steps to improve our corporate social responsibility.  To achieve this, we implement the following measures:

  • We actively contribute to the development of our knowledge about our profession and we support people who want to learn more about this profession. 
  • All guests and suppliers are informed about our Corporate Social Responsibility activities. 
  • We have made transparent arrangements with our guests and suppliers to maintain the quality and sustainability of our products and services.
  • We assess our social impact regarding our services and products and we reduce them as much as possible as far as it concerns negative impact, such as corruption, harassment, exploitation and child abuse.
  • We monitor both the continuity of our company as the employer and provide necessary actions in case our company needs to deal with loss of income.  
  • We are willing to contribute to several charity foundations in different ways, for example by gifts, sponsorships or voluntary work. 
  • We continuously work on reducing the impact of our carbon footprint and increasing the sustainable character of our company.
  • We are continuously improving our purchase process and we are mainly focused on buying sustainable products and services, preferably recognized by a sustainable ecolabel. 

November 1st, 2017


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